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    Buy Medical Equipment

    Buy Medical Equipment


    At Peak Medical Resources, we work to provide equipment for the medical community in all capacities. We offer many rental options for a broad range of medical equipment and technology, but for hospitals and healthcare providers interested in owning their new equipment, we also offer purchasing options!


    Whether you’ve rented equipment with Peak Medical Resources and would like to actually own the equipment, or if you’re looking to directly buy medical equipment from our inventory, simply contact us or fill out our equipment request form. We’ll work with customers to determine the best purchasing option, while still offering the high speed delivery and quality service that our clients have come to expect.


    Peak Medical Resources Equipment to Buy


    In order to respond to the diverse needs of the medical community, we offer a wide array of medical equipment and other devices for purchase. If you’re interested in purchasing and owning any of the equipment in our stock, start by letting us know what type of equipment you need!


    Infusion Therapy

    Peak Medical Resources offers a variety of infusion devices from all of the leading manufacturers to help patients' ailments. Our inventory includes all types of infusion therapy; pole mounted, ambulatory, PCA, single/multi-channel.  


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    Respiratory Therapy 

    Ventilators, Bipaps, and other respiratory therapy equipment from familiar manufacturers are a common need for hospitals across the country, particularly during flu seasons and other peak times.


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    Feeding Pumps

    See our collection of brands and styles for enteral pumps and tube feeding equipment.


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    Patient Monitoring

    To provide the best care, rely on accurate monitors, precisions displays, and other various patient monitoring options across multiple specialties.


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    Infant Care

    Our infant care product line offers a full range of specialty infant care technology and equipment, including incubators, warmers, phototherapy, cribs and much more.  


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    General Care

    For everything else, we have general care equipment, and technology for all kinds of medical necessities.  Equipment such as defibrillators, SCDs (Sequential Compression Devices), CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machines, hypothermia, EKG machines, etc


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    Can’t find what you’re looking for, or want to ask more questions about our stock and rental or purchasing options? Give us a call and we can help you find the rental gear you’re looking for.


    Why Buy With Peak Medical Resources


    While our main service is to provide hospitals with rental equipment for a variety of reasons, sometimes those facilities decide they’d rather own the equipment. Whether it’s become a vital part of operations, or they simply find the convenience worth the cost, we also sell equipment and technology from our stock to accommodate these needs.

    As with our rental equipment, all of the technology we sell is held to a high standard of care and readiness:


    Hospital Ready Equipment

     We are constantly updating our stock while maintaining and cleaning our current equipment to provide hospital ready monitors, ventilators, and other medical technology on arrival. With certified technicians and fast delivery, we can ensure that hospitals get access to equipment faster without worrying about long shipping times, inventory shortages, or outdated equipment.


    Affordable and Flexible

     Though many hospitals enjoy the affordability and flexible contract options of renting medical equipment, many also prefer to simply buy medical equipment once they’ve tested it. We offer competitive pricing, fast shipping, and access to a wider variety of medical technology and equipment on demand. 


    Expanded Capabilities

     Transitioning from rental to ownership, or buying new equipment to meet a sustained surge in demand can offer new opportunities. Though some facilities may initially prefer renting, they may find that the expanded capabilities offered by more equipment are too valuable, instead choosing to purchase the equipment.


    Peak Medical Resources Equipment Sales


    Peak Medical Resources supports hospitals in several major locations across the United States. We hold each of our offices and shipping routes to the same high standard to ensure that we deliver a quality experience and state of the art medical equipment to the communities and medical groups that need it.

    Currently, we serve the following locations:

    • Houston, TX

    • Dallas, TX

    • PA / NJ / NY Areas

    • New England

    • Arizona

    • Chicago 

    • More locations coming soon

    For information on specific equipment, placing an order, or information concerning any of our other services, reach out to us today! You can call, email, or fill out the order inquiry form here.


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