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    Our Products

    Products and Medical Rental Equipment

    Peak Medical Resource’s inventory includes an expansive collection of state of the art and conventional medical equipment to help furnish hospitals with temporary or permanent upgrades and expansions through rental and rent-to-own options.


    The range of equipment we offer includes devices that can be used in many departments throughout hospitals and other medical facilities.


    Products and Rentals


    Infusion Therapy

    For infusion, a variety of pumps and tubes help patients with a variety of ailments. We provide access to specialized pumps to help with blood, drug, or other liquid infusions.


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    Feeding Pumps

    See our collection of brands and styles for enteral pumps and tube feeding equipment.


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    Patient Monitoring

    To provide the best care, rely on accurate monitors, precisions displays, and other various patient monitoring options across multiple specialties.


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    Infant Care

    From incubators to infant warming cradle, choose from a range of specialty infant care technology and instruments.


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    General Care

    For everything else, we have general care supplies, equipment, and technology for all kinds of medical necessities.


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    The Right Equipment


    Choosing the right equipment for the job isn’t always simple. The need for medical equipment can change rapidly as community or global health issues and other periodic fluctuations impact demand.


    At Peak Medical Resources, we work to provide access to the medical equipment hospitals need to balance out these fluctuations and continue operating as close as possible to maximum efficiency. By providing access to over 30,000 devices and machines, we hope to bolster the medical community through convenience, emergency response aid, and continual quality service.


    Quality and Commitment


    To ensure the best possible logistic experience for administration, and the safest experience for patient care, all equipment rented or sold through Peak Medical Resources is handled and maintained with the utmost care.


    For rental equipment or new purchases, all equipment undergoes a rigorous series of diagnostic checks and cleanings before being sterilized and prepared for shipment and installation. Our preparation and shipping procedures are designed to maintain that level of cleanliness from when it leaves our facilities to the moment it arrives at your medical facility.


    We also handle orders, invoicing, and shipping on all medical rentals with speed and clarity to streamline the process. Most hospitals and medical facilities need the equipment they order right when they order it, so we don’t want to waste any time delivering and setting up your new equipment.


    Peak Medical Resources Rental Services


    Peak Medical Resources supports hospitals in several major locations across the United States. We hold each of our offices and shipping routes to the same high standard to ensure that we deliver a quality experience and state of the art medical equipment to the communities and medical groups that need it.


    Currently, we serve the following locations:

    • Houston, TX
    • Dallas, TX
    • PA / NJ / NY Areas
    • New England
    • Arizona
    • Chicago
    • More locations coming soon

    For information on specific equipment, placing an order, or information concerning any of our other services, reach out to us today! You can call, email, or fill out the order inquiry form here.

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